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Feng Xie's Exhibitions of Artistic Works

  • Three etchings in "East Meets West" (an invitational exhibition organized by Murphy Hill Gallery). Chicago, IL, USA. April 9-May 20, 2011.
  • An oil painting in the "2010 Alumni Spectacular" at University Galleries, Illinois State University, Normal, IL, USA. September 18-October 17, 2010.
  • Calligraphy Exhibit. Chicago, IL, USA. August 2004.
  • Multimedia Print Exhibit. Normal, IL, USA. 1997.
  • Acrylic Painting Exhibit. Bloomington, IL, USA. 1996.
  • Provincial Level Exhibitions (five occasions). Liaoning Province, CHINA. 1984-1990.
  • "A Gathering of Calligraphers" (an invitational exhibition organized by the China Youth Daily). Sichuan Province, CHINA. Feb 1989.
  • "National Invitational Calligraphic Exhibition." Hainan Province, CHINA. 1988.
  • "Three Northeastern Provinces Exhibition of Painting and Calligraphy." Changchun, CHINA. Mar 1987.
  • "National Invitational Exhibition of Works by Eminent Painters and Calligraphers." Fuchunjiang, Zhejiang Province, CHINA. Jan 1987.
  • "Calligraphy Exhibition." Wuhe City, JAPAN. Sep 1986.
  • "National Women's Exhibition of Ancient and Modern Calligraphy." Beijing, CHINA. Jul 1986.
  • "Sino-Japanese Joint Exhibition of Works by Young Calligraphers." Limu Prefecture, JAPAN. Nov 1985.
  • "First Annual All-Province Exhibition of Calligraphic Works." Shenyang, CHINA. Nov 1985.
  • "Sino-Japanese Exhibition of Calligraphy and Art." Wuhe City, JAPAN. Oct 1985.
  • "Invitational Exhibition of Eminent Painters and Calligraphers." Dalian City, CHINA. Aug 1985.
  • "The Sea and the Sky in Calligraphy." Traveling exhibition in 14 coastal cities, China, Aug 1985.
  • "Ten Young and Middle-Aged Calligraphers Joint Exhibition." Dalian City, CHINA, Nov 1985.
  • "Guangzhou-Dalian Joint Exhibition of Calligraphy." Guangzhou City, CHINA. Apr 1983.
  • "Exhibition of Works By Calligraphers From Dalian." Beijiuzhou City, JAPAN. Apr 1983.
  • "National Exhibition of Young Calligraphers." Beijing, CHINA. 1983.
  • "National Exhibition of Student Calligraphers." Beijing, CHINA. 1981.
  • "Sino-Japanese Exchange Exhibition of Calligraphic Works." Beijiuzhou City, JAPAN. 26 Sep 1980.

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