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Feng Xie's Awards and Others

  • 1997: Outstanding Artist Award, Regional Art Competition, Normal, IL.
  • 1992: Honorable Mention, International Modern Calligraphy Competition.
  • 1992: Highest Honor (above First Prize), "One Thousand Young Calligraphers."
  • 1992: Second Prize, "Chinese Calligraphers and Painters."
  • 1991: Outstanding Essay Prize, Provincial Level.
  • 1989: First Prize Essay, Provincial Level Conference on Calligraphy.
  • 1987: Prize for Calligraphy in an Original Composition, Three-Province Calligraphy Exhibition.
  • 1986: Highest Honor for Calligraphy, Dalian City.

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  • Eminent Persons in the Arts in Contempor rize Essay, Provincial Conference on the Study of Calligraphy.
  • 1983: Honorable Mention, National Young Calligraphers Exhibition.
  • 1981: First Prize, National Student Calligraphers Exhibition.ary China. Chinese and Foreign Art and Culture Press, 1994.
  • Chinese Calligraphers and Painters. Henan Fine Arts Press, 1994.
  • The Famous Figures of The Contemporary Arts Circles in China. Chinese Social Sciences Literary Press, 1993
  • Dictionary of Contemporary Calligraphers. Zhejiang Literature and Art Press, 1993.
  • One Thousand Young Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers. Guizhou Provincial Press, 1992.
  • Dictionary of Young Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers. New China Press, 1992.
  • International Perspectives on Chinese Calligraphy in the 90's. Heilongjiang People's Press, 1991.
  • Artistic Perspectives on Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy. Heilongjiang People's Press, 1991.
  • Samples of Work by Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers. Beijing Normal University Press, 1991.
  • Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Painters and Calligraphers, Yellow River Press, 1990.

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