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About Feng Xie

Ms. Feng Xie has over twenty years of experience in art education (both as a university professor and as a private teacher). She also has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Chinese Language and Literature, Art, and Art education.

Credentials At-A-Glance:


  • M.S. in Art Education from Illinois State University
  • Has also studied at the former Central Art Academy,(now a part of Qinghua University, ) and Luxiun Art Academy, .
  • Has published copious works in oil, watercolor, and engravings since youth
  • Works have won numerous awards
  • Has published over 20 essays on art history and art theory


  • Member of the Chinese Calligraphers' Association
  • Calligraphy and engraving works have been exhibited numerous times in China and Japan, and have won numerous prizes in China's National Calligraphy Exhibition
  • Many years of Calligraphy instruction (both as a university professor and as a private instructor)
  • Published copious essays on Calligraphy theory
  • Biography and works have been published in nine nationally renowned trade encyclopedias and collections of works

Chinese Language and Literature

  • B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature
  • Has published over 80 essays and stories in over thirty publications in China and the United States
  • New book: The America in My Backyard, 我家后院的美国. Knowledge Publishing, 知识出版社, Beijing: 2003
  • Biography published in The Famous Figures of the Contemporary Artistic Circles in China, 中国当代艺术界名人录, published by Chinese Social Sciences Literary Publishing, 社会科学文献出版社

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